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you look so good, it can't be right.

it feels so much like sunday. i can't get over it.

no one commented on my last entry. :( haha oh well. i've had such a good vacation & it's okay if no one cares.

wednesday: half day of school. keith came over & we had a pajama party. we watched that 70's show & the OC. & ate candy canes. then my cousin john came down from maine & spent the night.

thursday: went to my aunt's in north branford for thanksgiving. hung out with my cousins. we decided that amanda is a tumor. had sugarcubes with our apple pie and ice cream. afterwards, kevin came over & we played hide & seek. i sort of neglected him to talk to randy online. :/ i'm so mean. but he was fine with it. we watched blue collar comedy tour & brought him home at midnight.

last night: mike & john showed up early, around 4:30, & picked up amanda & i. we listened to smashmouth, spice girls, & bon jovi. it was awful. then we went to mcdonalds & i was mad because they don't have a dollar menu at rest stops. then we picked up cassey in madison. john was begging mike to hold a cigarette. he quit smoking last saturday. haha he smoked weed last night though.

all the cool people that were there: amanda, mike, john, cassey, randy<3, alli, peter, christina, jessye, kara, abby, jessay, tasha, tim, lindsay, kevin, & even mitchell. yay!

the flamingos are so much fun. colin is awesome & finally gave me one of their CD pamphlet things. :) during missing cary, randy & i walked around the chruch & ran into tasha & tim & talked to them for a bit until sixfinger went on. i enjoyed them. i met the drummer on monday at the skeptics show. he's cool. after them were the modern day saint. dan & adam d were nearly dead afterwards. & i couldn't hear adam sing. after them was these green eyes, but randy & i went for another walk to a parking lot & kissed for a long time.. so we missed these green eyes & DOOZER :(. but it was so nice being alone with him. it was just rainy & cold. we didn't tell anyone where we were going so amanda got worried & went looking for us. :/ i felt bad. we we got back, we watched TFT who were amazing like always. they're so good.

afterwards, everyone went to denny's. i sat with randy, jessay, lindsay, & alli(o). christina & abby also joined us at some point. i had cheese fries. ihooray. alli(o) told us her story about taking her dad's trucking & driving down here from vermont. bleh. i felt bad for her. when everyone was leaving, abby, jessay, amanda, randy, alli & i all stood outside & joked about stuff.

finally at 2:30, randy, alli, amanda & i get home. alli falls asleep watching southpark uncut & randy & i stayed up until 5:30 cuddling in my bed. it was so lovely. :) he is too amazing & sweet. i'm so happy.

today: we layed around until 2ish or something. alli called joe urban. i took a shower. alli posted on the knr board. we ate french toast, bacon, & donuts that my mom made for us. {she's the best mom ever.} then at 4ish, they left. randy's mom said it was snowing up there. i hope they made it back safe.

alli gave me pictures of randy & i from last saturday & monday. i'd love them if i didn't look so awful. haha i looked the worst last night though. damn drizzle-rain haha. i felt bad because i was wearing mike's huge quiksilver sweatshirt & i got it pretty wet. oh well.

i have nothing to do tonight. hmm. <3

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