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big moneyyyy.

my weekend has been amazing to the billionth degree. {be prepared for a long, detailed entry about nothing you really care about.}

yesterday - got stranded in old saybrook with amanda because we were looking in kyle for walmart so he could give us a ride home but he left early so we went to a gas station tried calling like 5 people & then went to dunkin donuts where an old man decided to freak the hell out of amanda & i and tell us that he saw us at the gas station using the payphone. he asked if we were calling our "boys". SKETCH. hahaha damn. eventually, my mom showed up & saved the day. her boyfriend also came to our rescue. as did kyle. it was silly.

last night - mike picked me up at 7 and we went to the flamingos. it was a good show. i bought their CD. made out with john, afterwards. haha good times.

today - woke up at noon. watched comedy central for a few hours. took a shower. ate mac & cheese.

tonight - miked picked up amanda & i at quarter of 5 & we got to the arts barn aboutttt an hour & 15 minutes early. yeah, fun fun. so we hung out & talked to everyone that was actually there. eventually people showed up. two girls got into a catfight. coolest.thing.ever haha. & I MET RANDY! ihooray. these green eyes did a cover of "wonderwall" right when randy showed up. {it's our song.} infamous jake was good but the vocals were quiet & the guitar was loud, TFT was amazing, & big d was silly & enjoyable. i met joe urban during their set. he's cool.

afterwards - christina & i had sex outside. around 50 people went to the parth {diner} in branford. christina & i shared YUMMY potato skins {my life}<333333. RANDY LEFT EARLY. :( but he's going to the show on monday so hooray! i adore him. but i don't adore little shits that sit at our table & don't pay their share of the bill. bah.

people at the show that i knew/liked (excluding members of the bands that played): amanda, mike, john, cassey, christina!, tasha, felicia, randy<333, alli, MY COUSIN MATT(!!!), angela, lindsay, keith, & colin (of the flamingos).

people who should've been there: (jay & dan 2), abby, jessay, peter, & jessye. i missssed you all.


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