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tell you the truth i prefer the worst of you.

the smoke swirls in the air like poetry & smells of cinnamon like your lips used to. & i saw you kiss her the night before last & i wondered, what happened to our love? i swear our bodies could mold & that would be the end of me. i stared at the stars longer than usual after you sang & i felt you next to me whispering sweet nothings into my ear & *the only thing i can think of saying is.. fuck you. {& your untouchable face.}*

+/- today

+kevin permenantly giving me his old football sweatshirt
+sucking at recorder with joey
+failing a bio test but being able to retake it
+eating potato skinsss
+buying incense
+kevin writing me a poem
++randy calling me his wonderwall
+calling ryan
+++watching fatherhood<3333

-freezing in music appreciation
-being tired from talking to jay until 2:30am
- - -jay may not be able to come on friday
-getting a physical; arm hurting from shot
-ryan being sick

my best friend
i remember the first time i saw you
you had a boyfriend but i didn't care
i knew you were special
from that first look
from the time i met you
until now
i've seen you grow up
from a beautiful girl
to an even more beautiful young woman
i remember all the good times we've had
you've always been there for me
you're my happyness
you're my everything
in the morning when i wake up your the first person i think of
and at night your the last
i'm glad that you have met someone special
and forever shall you be in my heart
you're my best friend
and forever
i love you

awww. i love my best friend. <3

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