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i see my future, oh & i see you far away from me.

i hate sundays. i feel like crap. i want tomorrow off like jay. haha jay sucks.

went to the skeptics last night in mass with amanda and mike. on the way there, one of mike's tires shred so he had to pull over on the highway & replace it. amanda & i were freezing & singing ASOB while the sun was setting. when we finally got there, we were early so we went to wendy's and ate.

we went back & met up with jessay & abby & had a pretty good time. the guy running the show was an ASSCOMB because he was being shitty towards mike. but i enjoyed the band stay behind & of course, the skeptics. they played gabby's & playing dead which made me happy. then abby made me come up front for no intention. they were pretty funny. afterwards, i got the kill normal compilation i should've had a long time ago. i'm oh so awesome now.

on the way home, we got pulled over by the cops. he informed us that mike's exhaust was loud {but legal} & his license plate light wasn't on. then mike couldn't find his insurance so the cop took like 5 minutes checking it on his computer & i had to leave my window down & freeze. haha that sucked. but when we got home, amanda & i watched the nightmare before christmas. amazing.

as for today, i've just finished my biology homework, watched office space, listened to the KNR comp & skeptics CD. hooray. coughSOBOREDcough. & this was a boring entry, i'm sorry. <3

p.s. my knee is still purple.

ani difranco - 6 days
flamingos - 12 days
TFT, big d, infamous jake - 13 days
^**jay<3 & dan 2 spend the night**
the reunion show & the skeptics {free show} - 15 days
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