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highway for miles.

amazing week. the reason being jay. for being so amazing. we talked on the phone almost every day this week for at least 2 hours each night. he's supposed to come up & visit me soon. funny fact, i've know jay for seven days. ridiculous. :) he's a sweetheart. <3

tonight: cassey & mike picked me up at 5:15 or so, pick up john, get to the show, get eggs thrown at us, john plays TBS acoustic, peter, jessye, & tina show up. after jessay & abby did. amazing. i was so happy. missed ritter, watched some band, then TFT came on. the "wall of death" caused me to fall 4 feet in front of me & smash my knee on the floor while scratching my arm. good times. my knee is swollen. i love it. also during their set, i was kicked in the head by mark. haha oh well. they are amazing live. so good.

afterwards, went to the parthenon {a diner} with 20 people or so {on our side of the diner, more in the other room}, had potato skins & lemon water. enjoyed it muchly. paid for mike's fries. then, mike brought cassey home, & then me. now here i am. it's 2:23AM.

TOMORROW'S PLAN IS AMAZING. the skeptics & no intention in greenfield, mass. i love it. so should you.
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