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i shot the pilot, i'm begging you to fly this for me.

lets see how well i can keep this short..

friday, mike & tasha pick me up, we pick up john, stop at wendy's, go to the chris's dorm at manhattan college, hang out there, chris's friends dan 1, dan 2, & jay come over. we take the subway to time square. talked to random drunk people on the subway. went to mcdonalds & a music/movies/book store. we looked at nude pictures in the book section of store. also, tasha & i looked at boys kissing in the queer as folk book. my dinner at mcdonalds: a mcflurry & a cookie. good times.

on the way back, jay & i talked some. he loved how blue my eyes were from my contacts. he asked if we could be penpals so he could write letters saying "dear abby". i gave him my screen name & he wrote it on his arm. i got a lot of questions about mike & i. none of which i felt like answering so mike assumed i hated him.

when we got back to the dorm, mike had to get his inhaler from the car so i went with him & outside, he asked me out & i said i didn't know. when we got back inside, dan 1, dan 2, and jay were leaving. later, while we were about to go to bed, he was like "so do you have an answer to my question? because i really want you." i didn't answer.

the next morning, we went to dunkin donuts, then went to huntington so chris & tasha could take his car to the show. so mike, john, & i went looking for black & white shirts to dress up as beret! & it took us like an hour to find them. then it was almost 3, TWO hours late for the show, & we finally got there. somehow, mike & i snuck in & didn't have to pay the $14 or whatever it was so that was awesome. BUT i missed J.T.'s set as ani difranco so i was pissed. he played "untouchable face" AND "both hands". gaaaah.

anyways, mike & i watched 3 day weekend, then sold merch for ASOB, then watched the fad who announced they were having a free house show at 8:30 like 15 minutes away so we decided we would go. ASOB played as radiohead nicely, then mike's friend janice, john, mike & i went to get pizza & hung out at janice's house until the house show/party. when we got there, they said it was $5 to get in so we paid, went in & listened to a sucky band play & drank sucky beer. THEN doyle from the fad told us they weren't even playing so when chris & tasha showed up, we said fuck this place & decided to leave. chris stayed with janice though because they both live in long island.

so we dropped off john, then tasha, then mike brought me home. i talked to jay online & he gave me his phone number so i called him & we talked until he was falling asleep. it was a nice conversation. so yeah, it was a good weekend. besides for me having to finally tell mike that i didn't want to go out with him. that sucked. & i have exams tomorrow. fuck. <3

P.S. i finally got my skeptics shirt. hooray! what it says.

TFT, folly - friday
ani difranco - 13 days
flamingos CD release show?! - 19 days
TFT, big d - 20 days
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