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my mind is disconnected but my heart is wired.

abby = not motivated to do anything.

i started writing in this then clicked a link & made it all disappear. i'm tired & i have to pack for this weekend so i'll make this quick.

monday - saw the rocket summer with tasha, amanda & felicia. greg wood was awesome. bryce avary was amazing x97123479. bought a rocket summer shirt & a greg wood pin. gave bryce a hug, told him i loved the new song called "i do everything (for you)", & fell asleep on the way home.

tuesday - mike came over at 3:30, we hung around, went to saybrook point at 6ish & walked along the dock for awhile. mike threw his cell phone, broke it in half, i put it back together & changed the time settings.

wednesday - mike came back over, we watched the beginning of empire records, then watched the season premieres of both that 70's show and the OC. the OC was amazing. i hate marissa's mom. a lot. anyways, it was a good night.

today - cheated on a spanish test, played jepoardy in civics, watched a movie about horny old people in psychology (so sketchy), & fucked up a biology experiment. it was an interesting day, to say the least. at 5ish, my dad came & picked me up, amanda & i ate dinner there, talked about tramps & taxes, ate candy, & came home.

weekend plan: mike & tasha pick me up at 3 tomorrow, we pick up john, go to long island, watch a halloween parade in the village, sleep at chris's dorm (tasha's boyfriend), go to skalloween in farmingdale, then get home some time saturday night. lovely.

exams on monday & tuesday. assholes.

p.s. my cousin john is coming down saturday & i might not be here to see him. :(

skalloween - saturday
the flaming tsunamis - 8 days
ani difranco - 16 days
big d & the kids table - 23 days
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