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i've got no illusions about you.

it's time for +/- of the day:
+befriending chris from missing cary (earlier this week)
+++napping yesterday afternoon
+not getting in trouble for not doing homework
+making up a spanish test in class
+learning recorder songs
+getting a 100 on my typing quiz
++having a 97 in typing, 92 in music appreciation, & 89 in biology
+kevin buying me cookies & chocolate milk, bless him<3
+wasting half of bio class talking about random topics
+my mom renting tons of movies for me to watch
+++EATING POTATO SKINS, AGAIN.. i can't get enough

---not being able to go to ashley's either
-being hungry all morning
-spanish teacher giving me me a weird look when i was with kevin this morning {she doesn't like him}
-being bored/cold
-missing randy

stolen from magic_eyes.

answer the following questions only using lyrics from ONE band.

1. are you male or female?
i am a woman by birth
& after nineteen times around i have found
they will stop at nothing once they know what you are worth
"talk to me now"

2. describe yourself:
i am a poster girl with no poster
i am thirty-two flavors & then some
& i'm beyond your peripheral vision
so you might want to turn your head
"32 flavors"

i've got a face like a limp handshake
hair like an accident scene
i've been waking up slowly
savoring the same old dream
"hell yeah"

3. describe your boyfriend/girlfriend:
& i said "look at you this morning
you are by far the cutest"
"little plastic castle"

4. how do they feel about you?
if i had my way i'd stay here
& watch your hair grow for a while
it makes me smile just to dream of it
"how have you been"

5. how do you feel about yourself?
i'm no heroine
at least, not last time i checked
i'm too easy to roll over
i'm too easy to wreck
"i'm no heroine"

6. what would you rather be doing?
i am waiting for sleep
to offer up the deep
with both hands
"both hands"

7. describe where you live:
but i finally drove out where
the sky is dark enough to see stars
& i found i missed no one
just listening to the swishing of distant cars

8. describe how you love:
give me your vertical
your horizontal line
i want to take each of them
bend them to fit mine

9. share a few words of wisdom:
there are some things that you can't know
unless you've been there
"work your way out"

10. say goodbye:
the air was smoking & the streets were dry
& i wasn't joking when i said goodbye
"fire door"
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