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i got something to live for.

picture post. yaaaay. i <3 everyone.

the heart randy made me

christina & peter + adorable kitten

from left to right: kara, john, & jessye

abbyx2 & cassey

mitchell & tasha

ethan of TFT

bill of TFT

colin of the flamingos

rob of the skeptics

my randy<33

front row: christina, peter, cassey, & jessay
back row: some kid, mike, jon good?, john, & greg of TFT

myself, because jen & jessye asked :)
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i want that blue jacket. tell him i'll swap it for erm, a pair of my socks. where are YOU? i want abby porn! mwuahahah <3
i'm going to post in yousowantme, i'll send you the link. i told peter i didn't like his jacket. he got mad. haha <333
colin needs to be my boyfriend
haha he's such a cool guy. i don't know if he's single or not. :)
my pictures on the net! its like im famous! haha i look goofy. what about some abby pictures yo?! hehe i love you!
haha no my face would ruin everything, haha. i love you, jessye! you're so pretty. even with a goofy face. <3333
ooooooh no more blonde peter. :-( hahah im pathetic. your friendsare sooo pretty. im jealous. but i still love you cause your hotsex and were making love. mhmmm. <333
i know. his hair was pink for awhile. i hope he reads this. haha i love you. you're pretty too! i wish we could be real friends. and make real love. haha <3333
haahha if he reads this hell be like 'hmm so about that really weird girl who is a psycho stalker rapist and like my blonde hair..." actually...i liked it pink too. bwahahahaha. someday im going to drive to your house and pick you up and were gonna go to a concert and be real life best friends and eat pizza and them make REAL love in my hot ass saab. hahahaha. <333333
i dream about that day. <33333
woo woo hotsex hotsex with abby in my carcarcar. <333


13 years ago


13 years ago

jessye is hott.
mitchell reminds me of gedde wadanabe [long duck dong] :D
YOUR randy is a cutie.

haha thank you, robyn. i love you back. <333
hehe wow i feel cool at the moment. and abby may i just say- you are the supreme queen rocker of the comments. this is comment #21. XamazingX. with the X's. <333abby!!
haha hooray. :) i love you mucho. <3
yay i love pictures!
me too! :)
That blue and yellow jacket owns...only because they're my school colors :D But it looks like an older Milwaukee Brewers jacket because those were the old colors o.o
haha he loves that jacket. silly peter.
Pictures! & i think I used to have that jacket before... Or maybe it was my friend. :S
But. Pictures! Aaaieee! :D
yaaay. :D
woot! you look like you had a simply marvelous time! and that is absolutely wonderful. i like the look of your friends...i higly approve. yep.

love you angel.
:) i love my friends. it was a good show. i love you. <333
OH GOD I WISH I LOOKED LIKE YOU. you're so sexy. miaow.


ps. i would SO snog Rob.
SHUT UP YOU'RE HOTTER. rob is a sweetheart. as is randy. :) <33333