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my heart lies to & between my past.

yesterday & today:
+ sitting on the floor in the middle of the freshmen hallway with matson
+ kevin letting me borrow his Valley Football sweatshirt
+ becoming closer to joey
+ skipping the first 20 minutes of last block to hang out with keith & matt
+ having an inside joke with randy 'ihooray'
+ seeing Elf with kevin
+ talking to jay until 3am
+ eating junkfood all morning
+ finishing Second Helpings<3333
+ going shopping tonight
+ ani difranco in FOUR days

- not writing my spanish paper
- getting my recorder {the instrument} in music appreciation
- having to wash my recorder
- matt blowing me off
- waking up at 9:30
- having to write my spanish paper tonight
- not being able to see jay

pointless entry, i know. i'm just bored. it feels like another sunday.

ani difranco - 4 days
flamingos - 10 days
TFT, big d, IJ - 11 days *having jay spend the night*
skeptics/reunion show - 13 days
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