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she's gonna be a rock star.

1. taking back sunday vs. brand new
i can't answer that. i was a TBS fan first, though.

2. anatomy of a ghost vs. coheed and cambria
coheed and cambria

3. the used vs. thrice
the used. i haven't listened to thrice. :/

4. thursday vs. my chemical romance

5. the movielife vs. fairweather
the movielife

6. fall out boy vs. the starting line
FALL OUT BOY, of course.

7. atreyu vs. shai hulud
haha uhh atreyu.. sure.

8. the mars volta vs. sparta

9. count the stars vs. the ataris
the ataris but count the stars aren't bad

10. spitalfield vs. the rocket summer
THE ROCKET SUMMER but spitalfield rocks

11. saves the day vs. mae

12. something corporate vs. straylight run
something corporate because i've been a fan for so long but straylight run is delicious

13. chris carrabba vs. conor oberst
chris carrabba.. bright eyes doesn't do it for me.

14. CT BATTLE: doozer vs. grover dill

15. hidden in plain view vs. the early november
the early november

16. saosin vs. alexisonfire
i'll go with alexisonfire since i haven't even heard saosin

17. alkaline trio vs. vendetta red
alkaline trio

18. glassjaw vs. from autumn to ashes
from autumn to ashes. gotta love short stories with tragic endings, and mercury rising.

19. the anniversary vs. the reunion show
the reunion show

20. yellowcard vs. silverstein

21. backstreet boys vs. nsync
well nsync was always better.

i had an amazing weekend. it was so great after a shitty week. i love everyone i was with this weekend. literally. <3

the arrogant sons of bitches

the durham show was good. i really enjoyed the flamingos. it was freezing though so i let mike {behind me} wear my white sweatshirt. on my left is abby<3, on my right was this kid i met in meriden when i met mike, on the right of him was john. after the show, everyone went to denny's & i got cheese fries & root beer. i made matt sit next to me. {matt's just a cool kid i talked to at denny's last time.} mike & i left denny's early so he could get clothes & blankets for john's. we stayed at his house instead of mike's because ASOB needed a place to sleep. yes, i slept with ASOB. haha amazing. although mike & i didn't sleep at all. lovely.

saturday, we left at noon for northampton & got there early so we went to the mall in amherst & tasha played DDR. then we went back to the hangar & tina let me buy a ticket. then we ate a bunch of chicken & had loads of fun because there were so many people there, it was ridiculous. i'm gonna try to name them: peter, tasha, rich, andy, jessye, kara, mike, nicole, lindsay, keith, tina, dan, cory, steve, mitchell, colin, alli, jodi, joe & even more people, i'm sure. it was my first time seeing peter since we broke up. :) i missed everyone up there. like JESSYE! after the hangar, mitchell (who just turned 18} & tasha went into a porn shop & bought a one inch dildo for lindsay. haha then we went to tina's & played with her kittens<3. after that, we went to faces & to pearl street for the show.

i think during sixfinger, i bought the new infamous jake CD {the reason for the show} & one of their overpriced pins. high school football heroes didn't show up so ASOB got bumped up to the 2nd band playing. they were awesome, as always. then scattered played & i fell asleep on mike. after them, was the skeptics<333. the first song they dressed up as andrew W.K. which was hiliarious. they played ode to dan which made me smile because i'd never seen it live. that might have been the song where i got pushed over onto the stage, though. afterwards, i went to buy a skeptics patch from rob but he didn't have change for a dollar so he let me have it for free & i told him i'd find him a quarter & he told me to just to keep it & then he gave me another one. it was cute. he's adorable.

i think then maybe kicked in the head played. haha i don't remember. but when infamous jake came on, it was crazy. they played fast & at the end, there was an encore for them to play "third fight" again so they gave in & played it again.

during one of the bands, i was laying down next to the ASOB merch table & these people next to me including sean from ASOB were smoking some BAD weed & i had to get up & leave because it smelled so digusting. bleh.

when we were leaving, john realized that he lost his keys & he wouldn't be able to get into his house so tasha had to ask her mom's boyfriend if he could stay at her house. poor john. he lost a shitload of money this weekend too. anyways, mike brought tasha & john home then brought me home, but literally on the way there, i was falling asleep every 10 seconds & i must have looked so funny. in fact, i think mike noticed that my mouth was like hanging open. haha good times. i got home around 1:15am or so, talked to my mom about my weekend, & went to bed.

THE ROCKET SUMMER - TOMORROW. FREE SHOW AT THE HAWK'S NEST. hooraaaay. amanda & tasha are coming, too. :D

november 1st - farmingdale, NY - SKAlloween: ASOB as radiohead, other bands, & a guy named jay tea as ANI DIFRANCO! haha hooray.

november 7th - hamden, CT - the flaming tsunamis, folly, grover dill, the prize fight

november 15th - ANI FUCKING DIFRANCO, PEOPLE. <3

alright if you read all this, i love you so much, it's unimaginable. <3333
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