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over & over again, i'm so useless. [entries|friends|calendar]

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you know i'd rather write than speak. [06 Dec 2003|11:10pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

NEW LIVEJOURNAL! {so stop commenting on this one. haha}

yess. i'm awesome. thank you again, asho. :D everyone who hasn't read my last entry yet, please go do so. then, add my new livejournal your friends list. well, only if you like me.

& while i'm listening to stars hide fire, i should mention that i may be seeing them on 21st in hamden. that would rock like you wouldn't believe. we'll see.<333333

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don't call me up when the snow comes down. [06 Dec 2003|11:49am]
[ mood | cold ]


i'm going to be writing christmas cards soon so please email me your address if you'd like one. my NEW email is:


hooray! <3333

p.p.s. i miss randy<3.

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i've got no illusions about you. [05 Dec 2003|05:47pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

it's time for +/- of the day:
+befriending chris from missing cary (earlier this week)
+++napping yesterday afternoon
+not getting in trouble for not doing homework
+making up a spanish test in class
+learning recorder songs
+getting a 100 on my typing quiz
++having a 97 in typing, 92 in music appreciation, & 89 in biology
+kevin buying me cookies & chocolate milk, bless him<3
+wasting half of bio class talking about random topics
+my mom renting tons of movies for me to watch
+++EATING POTATO SKINS, AGAIN.. i can't get enough

---not being able to go to ashley's either
-being hungry all morning
-spanish teacher giving me me a weird look when i was with kevin this morning {she doesn't like him}
-being bored/cold
-missing randy


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CALM BEFORE THE STORM. [04 Dec 2003|06:25pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]


thank you for ruining my weekend plans. i can't see randy. ashley can't meet pete. fucking fuck. i'm still going to go to ashley's new house, though. which will be cool. i haven't hung out with her in foreverrr. my assaroo.

me: chris rocks, even if he likes balls. and has wet dreams "on the phone with me". haha i have his number now! and he a sucker because he goes to bed too early.
tasha: abby totally wants chris' butt.
me: the only butt i want is yours, tasha. and randy's, of course. fuck chris. hahaha
chris: don't deny it.
me: ahem. you want your own butt, jerkface.

Finger11bhC: do u like tuna fish?
blackstarglitter: nooo
blackstarglitter: why?
Finger11bhC: i hate it
Finger11bhC: id punch u in the face if u liked it
Finger11bhC: no prolly not, but id hide the tuna fish from u
blackstarglitter: hahaha
blackstarglitter: i like apple sauce
blackstarglitter: and you
Finger11bhC: yay!!! cus i like apple sauce and me too... lol :)

^ that's randy<3

yesss for conversations. AND HAVING A 97 IN TYPING. BOOYAH.

p.s. mrs. tellechea, you suck. spanish can fuck me. yeah, i said it. what now.

p.p.s. does anyone have a lj code i could have? it would be the best christmas present everrrr. haha<3

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i got something to live for. [03 Dec 2003|01:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

picture post. yaaaay. i <3 everyone.

best friends means.Collapse )

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you look so good, it can't be right. [29 Nov 2003|05:41pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

it feels so much like sunday. i can't get over it.

no one commented on my last entry. :( haha oh well. i've had such a good vacation & it's okay if no one cares.

wednesday: half day of school. keith came over & we had a pajama party. we watched that 70's show & the OC. & ate candy canes. then my cousin john came down from maine & spent the night.

thursday: went to my aunt's in north branford for thanksgiving. hung out with my cousins. we decided that amanda is a tumor. had sugarcubes with our apple pie and ice cream. afterwards, kevin came over & we played hide & seek. i sort of neglected him to talk to randy online. :/ i'm so mean. but he was fine with it. we watched blue collar comedy tour & brought him home at midnight.

last night: mike & john showed up early, around 4:30, & picked up amanda & i. we listened to smashmouth, spice girls, & bon jovi. it was awful. then we went to mcdonalds & i was mad because they don't have a dollar menu at rest stops. then we picked up cassey in madison. john was begging mike to hold a cigarette. he quit smoking last saturday. haha he smoked weed last night though.

all the cool people that were there: amanda, mike, john, cassey, randy<3, alli, peter, christina, jessye, kara, abby, jessay, tasha, tim, lindsay, kevin, & even mitchell. yay!

the flamingos are so much fun. colin is awesome & finally gave me one of their CD pamphlet things. :) during missing cary, randy & i walked around the chruch & ran into tasha & tim & talked to them for a bit until sixfinger went on. i enjoyed them. i met the drummer on monday at the skeptics show. he's cool. after them were the modern day saint. dan & adam d were nearly dead afterwards. & i couldn't hear adam sing. after them was these green eyes, but randy & i went for another walk to a parking lot & kissed for a long time.. so we missed these green eyes & DOOZER :(. but it was so nice being alone with him. it was just rainy & cold. we didn't tell anyone where we were going so amanda got worried & went looking for us. :/ i felt bad. we we got back, we watched TFT who were amazing like always. they're so good.

afterwards, everyone went to denny's. i sat with randy, jessay, lindsay, & alli(o). christina & abby also joined us at some point. i had cheese fries. ihooray. alli(o) told us her story about taking her dad's trucking & driving down here from vermont. bleh. i felt bad for her. when everyone was leaving, abby, jessay, amanda, randy, alli & i all stood outside & joked about stuff.

finally at 2:30, randy, alli, amanda & i get home. alli falls asleep watching southpark uncut & randy & i stayed up until 5:30 cuddling in my bed. it was so lovely. :) he is too amazing & sweet. i'm so happy.

today: we layed around until 2ish or something. alli called joe urban. i took a shower. alli posted on the knr board. we ate french toast, bacon, & donuts that my mom made for us. {she's the best mom ever.} then at 4ish, they left. randy's mom said it was snowing up there. i hope they made it back safe.

alli gave me pictures of randy & i from last saturday & monday. i'd love them if i didn't look so awful. haha i looked the worst last night though. damn drizzle-rain haha. i felt bad because i was wearing mike's huge quiksilver sweatshirt & i got it pretty wet. oh well.

i have nothing to do tonight. hmm. <3

now i regret it.Collapse )

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you held my hand, you swore you wouldn't let go. [26 Nov 2003|03:45pm]
randy asked me out last night. well sort of. haha so we're together<3. monday night, we saw the reunion show & the skeptics at WNEC. it was so lovely. i met his friends, and we walked to his friend's car holding hands and kissed when we got there. also, near the parking lot behind a tree so my mom wouldn't see. it was randy's idea. so cute. i introduced him to my mom who was sleeping in the car until i knocked on the window. heh.

the skeptics were good, as usual. they're recording a CD soon. yaaaay. they're so yummy.

the singer from the reunion show called their set a train wreck but it wasn't all that bad. that guy had such rock star hair, i loved it. they played a new song called "photograph" which was good.

when we were leaving, there was an accident on the road we needed to take to get back to 91 so we had to go the opposite way and ask a million people for directions. one of the people we asked were high. good times. we got home around midnight.

randy said the cutest thing when he asked me out.. he was like "i was going to ask you out last night (monday) but it seemed like so 7th grade.. but i wish i did because i'd so be kissing you right now". and today, he filled out a survey so i could read it during typing class. it said, do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? and he said "yes and she's beautiful and amazing" and for sexiest feature, he put "abby". aw so adorable.

my day was alright. i expected it to be better considering it was a half day. kevin got punched by steve for calling him "sparkly steve" haha god. kevin was so pissed. and he has football practice with him tonight. :/ i think we're hanging out soonnn. i love kev.

i have no plans tonight. so come hang out with me. tomorrow + weekend plans are good, though.

tomorrow - go to my aunt's at 1 for thanksgiving dinner & see my lovely family.

friday - mike will pick amanda & i up and bring us, john, and cassey to the durham show with the following bands:

The Flaming Tsunamis

These Green Eyes
Six Finger
The Modern Day Saint {haven't seem them yet but heard good things about them)

then, if randy's parents allow it, i will be spending the night on his futon and doing something random with him saturday. oh man oh man amazing. i hope i can. <3

{i swear i haven't seen fall out boy 4 times.. haha yay!}

P.P.S. i hate papercuts.

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big moneyyyy. [23 Nov 2003|02:13am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

my weekend has been amazing to the billionth degree. {be prepared for a long, detailed entry about nothing you really care about.}

yesterday - got stranded in old saybrook with amanda because we were looking in kyle for walmart so he could give us a ride home but he left early so we went to a gas station tried calling like 5 people & then went to dunkin donuts where an old man decided to freak the hell out of amanda & i and tell us that he saw us at the gas station using the payphone. he asked if we were calling our "boys". SKETCH. hahaha damn. eventually, my mom showed up & saved the day. her boyfriend also came to our rescue. as did kyle. it was silly.

last night - mike picked me up at 7 and we went to the flamingos. it was a good show. i bought their CD. made out with john, afterwards. haha good times.

today - woke up at noon. watched comedy central for a few hours. took a shower. ate mac & cheese.

tonight - miked picked up amanda & i at quarter of 5 & we got to the arts barn aboutttt an hour & 15 minutes early. yeah, fun fun. so we hung out & talked to everyone that was actually there. eventually people showed up. two girls got into a catfight. coolest.thing.ever haha. & I MET RANDY! ihooray. these green eyes did a cover of "wonderwall" right when randy showed up. {it's our song.} infamous jake was good but the vocals were quiet & the guitar was loud, TFT was amazing, & big d was silly & enjoyable. i met joe urban during their set. he's cool.

afterwards - christina & i had sex outside. around 50 people went to the parth {diner} in branford. christina & i shared YUMMY potato skins {my life}<333333. RANDY LEFT EARLY. :( but he's going to the show on monday so hooray! i adore him. but i don't adore little shits that sit at our table & don't pay their share of the bill. bah.

people at the show that i knew/liked (excluding members of the bands that played): amanda, mike, john, cassey, christina!, tasha, felicia, randy<333, alli, MY COUSIN MATT(!!!), angela, lindsay, keith, & colin (of the flamingos).

people who should've been there: (jay & dan 2), abby, jessay, peter, & jessye. i missssed you all.



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tell you the truth i prefer the worst of you. [17 Nov 2003|08:53pm]
[ mood | sore ]

i see orion & say nothing.Collapse )

+/- today

+kevin permenantly giving me his old football sweatshirt
+sucking at recorder with joey
+failing a bio test but being able to retake it
+eating potato skinsss
+buying incense
+kevin writing me a poem
++randy calling me his wonderwall
+calling ryan
+++watching fatherhood<3333

-freezing in music appreciation
-being tired from talking to jay until 2:30am
- - -jay may not be able to come on friday
-getting a physical; arm hurting from shot
-ryan being sick

kevin's poem.Collapse )

you look like a photograph of yourself.Collapse )

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& i am getting nowhere with you. [16 Nov 2003|03:13pm]
[ mood | touched ]

most fucking amazing night ever. ani difranco. fourth row center.

setlist taken from _witchbaby_<333
1. god's country {puddle dive}
2. educated guess {educated guess}
3. anticipate {not so soft, like i said, living in clip}
~bit of poetry~
4. little plastic castle {little plastic castle}
5. swandive {little plastic castle; so much shouting, so much laughter}
6. angry anymore {up up up up up up}
7. swim {educated guess}
8. independence day {little plastic castle}
~bit of poetry~
9. phase {evolve}
10. here for now {evolve}
11. dilate {dilate; so much shouting, so much laughter}
12. second intermission {evolve}
13. self evident*
13. evolve {evolve}
14. gravel {living in clip, like i said, little plastic castle}
15. both hands {ani difranco, living in clip, living in clip}

self evident is a breathtaking poem that ani recited found here.

holy shit. i can't even begin to explain how amazing last night was. ani was wearing a cute outfit. it was a navy blue shirt with white short-sleeves & dark khakis. she's one of the most beautiful people i've ever seen. i just love her. the last song she played was both hands. people just stood up & fucking sang their heart out to that song. including amanda & i. we pratically cried.

afterwards, i bought the same shirt christina bought. it says "i ain't no damsel in distress" which is from the song "not a pretty girl".

i'm just hoping next weekend will be half the weekend this was. <3

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my heart lies to & between my past. [11 Nov 2003|02:54pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

yesterday & today:
+ sitting on the floor in the middle of the freshmen hallway with matson
+ kevin letting me borrow his Valley Football sweatshirt
+ becoming closer to joey
+ skipping the first 20 minutes of last block to hang out with keith & matt
+ having an inside joke with randy 'ihooray'
+ seeing Elf with kevin
+ talking to jay until 3am
+ eating junkfood all morning
+ finishing Second Helpings<3333
+ going shopping tonight
+ ani difranco in FOUR days

- not writing my spanish paper
- getting my recorder {the instrument} in music appreciation
- having to wash my recorder
- matt blowing me off
- waking up at 9:30
- having to write my spanish paper tonight
- not being able to see jay

pointless entry, i know. i'm just bored. it feels like another sunday.

ani difranco - 4 days
flamingos - 10 days
TFT, big d, IJ - 11 days *having jay spend the night*
skeptics/reunion show - 13 days

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i see my future, oh & i see you far away from me. [09 Nov 2003|03:24pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

i hate sundays. i feel like crap. i want tomorrow off like jay. haha jay sucks.

went to the skeptics last night in mass with amanda and mike. on the way there, one of mike's tires shred so he had to pull over on the highway & replace it. amanda & i were freezing & singing ASOB while the sun was setting. when we finally got there, we were early so we went to wendy's and ate.

we went back & met up with jessay & abby & had a pretty good time. the guy running the show was an ASSCOMB because he was being shitty towards mike. but i enjoyed the band stay behind & of course, the skeptics. they played gabby's & playing dead which made me happy. then abby made me come up front for no intention. they were pretty funny. afterwards, i got the kill normal compilation i should've had a long time ago. i'm oh so awesome now.

on the way home, we got pulled over by the cops. he informed us that mike's exhaust was loud {but legal} & his license plate light wasn't on. then mike couldn't find his insurance so the cop took like 5 minutes checking it on his computer & i had to leave my window down & freeze. haha that sucked. but when we got home, amanda & i watched the nightmare before christmas. amazing.

as for today, i've just finished my biology homework, watched office space, listened to the KNR comp & skeptics CD. hooray. coughSOBOREDcough. & this was a boring entry, i'm sorry. <3

p.s. my knee is still purple.

ani difranco - 6 days
flamingos - 12 days
TFT, big d, infamous jake - 13 days
^**jay<3 & dan 2 spend the night**
the reunion show & the skeptics {free show} - 15 days

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highway for miles. [08 Nov 2003|02:08am]
[ mood | cold ]

amazing week. the reason being jay. for being so amazing. we talked on the phone almost every day this week for at least 2 hours each night. he's supposed to come up & visit me soon. funny fact, i've know jay for seven days. ridiculous. :) he's a sweetheart. <3

tonight: cassey & mike picked me up at 5:15 or so, pick up john, get to the show, get eggs thrown at us, john plays TBS acoustic, peter, jessye, & tina show up. after jessay & abby did. amazing. i was so happy. missed ritter, watched some band, then TFT came on. the "wall of death" caused me to fall 4 feet in front of me & smash my knee on the floor while scratching my arm. good times. my knee is swollen. i love it. also during their set, i was kicked in the head by mark. haha oh well. they are amazing live. so good.

afterwards, went to the parthenon {a diner} with 20 people or so {on our side of the diner, more in the other room}, had potato skins & lemon water. enjoyed it muchly. paid for mike's fries. then, mike brought cassey home, & then me. now here i am. it's 2:23AM.

TOMORROW'S PLAN IS AMAZING. the skeptics & no intention in greenfield, mass. i love it. so should you.

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i shot the pilot, i'm begging you to fly this for me. [02 Nov 2003|02:50pm]
[ mood | {make me strong like you.} ]

lets see how well i can keep this short..

friday, mike & tasha pick me up, we pick up john, stop at wendy's, go to the chris's dorm at manhattan college, hang out there, chris's friends dan 1, dan 2, & jay come over. we take the subway to time square. talked to random drunk people on the subway. went to mcdonalds & a music/movies/book store. we looked at nude pictures in the book section of store. also, tasha & i looked at boys kissing in the queer as folk book. my dinner at mcdonalds: a mcflurry & a cookie. good times.

on the way back, jay & i talked some. he loved how blue my eyes were from my contacts. he asked if we could be penpals so he could write letters saying "dear abby". i gave him my screen name & he wrote it on his arm. i got a lot of questions about mike & i. none of which i felt like answering so mike assumed i hated him.

when we got back to the dorm, mike had to get his inhaler from the car so i went with him & outside, he asked me out & i said i didn't know. when we got back inside, dan 1, dan 2, and jay were leaving. later, while we were about to go to bed, he was like "so do you have an answer to my question? because i really want you." i didn't answer.

the next morning, we went to dunkin donuts, then went to huntington so chris & tasha could take his car to the show. so mike, john, & i went looking for black & white shirts to dress up as beret! & it took us like an hour to find them. then it was almost 3, TWO hours late for the show, & we finally got there. somehow, mike & i snuck in & didn't have to pay the $14 or whatever it was so that was awesome. BUT i missed J.T.'s set as ani difranco so i was pissed. he played "untouchable face" AND "both hands". gaaaah.

anyways, mike & i watched 3 day weekend, then sold merch for ASOB, then watched the fad who announced they were having a free house show at 8:30 like 15 minutes away so we decided we would go. ASOB played as radiohead nicely, then mike's friend janice, john, mike & i went to get pizza & hung out at janice's house until the house show/party. when we got there, they said it was $5 to get in so we paid, went in & listened to a sucky band play & drank sucky beer. THEN doyle from the fad told us they weren't even playing so when chris & tasha showed up, we said fuck this place & decided to leave. chris stayed with janice though because they both live in long island.

so we dropped off john, then tasha, then mike brought me home. i talked to jay online & he gave me his phone number so i called him & we talked until he was falling asleep. it was a nice conversation. so yeah, it was a good weekend. besides for me having to finally tell mike that i didn't want to go out with him. that sucked. & i have exams tomorrow. fuck. <3

P.S. i finally got my skeptics shirt. hooray! what it says.

TFT, folly - friday
ani difranco - 13 days
flamingos CD release show?! - 19 days
TFT, big d - 20 days

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my mind is disconnected but my heart is wired. [30 Oct 2003|10:29pm]
[ mood | restless ]

abby = not motivated to do anything.

i started writing in this then clicked a link & made it all disappear. i'm tired & i have to pack for this weekend so i'll make this quick.

monday - saw the rocket summer with tasha, amanda & felicia. greg wood was awesome. bryce avary was amazing x97123479. bought a rocket summer shirt & a greg wood pin. gave bryce a hug, told him i loved the new song called "i do everything (for you)", & fell asleep on the way home.

tuesday - mike came over at 3:30, we hung around, went to saybrook point at 6ish & walked along the dock for awhile. mike threw his cell phone, broke it in half, i put it back together & changed the time settings.

wednesday - mike came back over, we watched the beginning of empire records, then watched the season premieres of both that 70's show and the OC. the OC was amazing. i hate marissa's mom. a lot. anyways, it was a good night.

today - cheated on a spanish test, played jepoardy in civics, watched a movie about horny old people in psychology (so sketchy), & fucked up a biology experiment. it was an interesting day, to say the least. at 5ish, my dad came & picked me up, amanda & i ate dinner there, talked about tramps & taxes, ate candy, & came home.

weekend plan: mike & tasha pick me up at 3 tomorrow, we pick up john, go to long island, watch a halloween parade in the village, sleep at chris's dorm (tasha's boyfriend), go to skalloween in farmingdale, then get home some time saturday night. lovely.

exams on monday & tuesday. assholes.

p.s. my cousin john is coming down saturday & i might not be here to see him. :(

skalloween - saturday
the flaming tsunamis - 8 days
ani difranco - 16 days
big d & the kids table - 23 days

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she's gonna be a rock star. [26 Oct 2003|02:05pm]
[ mood | freezing ]

you're going nowhere.Collapse )

i had an amazing weekend. it was so great after a shitty week. i love everyone i was with this weekend. literally. <3

the arrogant sons of bitches

the durham show was good. i really enjoyed the flamingos. it was freezing though so i let mike {behind me} wear my white sweatshirt. on my left is abby<3, on my right was this kid i met in meriden when i met mike, on the right of him was john. after the show, everyone went to denny's & i got cheese fries & root beer. i made matt sit next to me. {matt's just a cool kid i talked to at denny's last time.} mike & i left denny's early so he could get clothes & blankets for john's. we stayed at his house instead of mike's because ASOB needed a place to sleep. yes, i slept with ASOB. haha amazing. although mike & i didn't sleep at all. lovely.

saturday, we left at noon for northampton & got there early so we went to the mall in amherst & tasha played DDR. then we went back to the hangar & tina let me buy a ticket. then we ate a bunch of chicken & had loads of fun because there were so many people there, it was ridiculous. i'm gonna try to name them: peter, tasha, rich, andy, jessye, kara, mike, nicole, lindsay, keith, tina, dan, cory, steve, mitchell, colin, alli, jodi, joe & even more people, i'm sure. it was my first time seeing peter since we broke up. :) i missed everyone up there. like JESSYE! after the hangar, mitchell (who just turned 18} & tasha went into a porn shop & bought a one inch dildo for lindsay. haha then we went to tina's & played with her kittens<3. after that, we went to faces & to pearl street for the show.

i think during sixfinger, i bought the new infamous jake CD {the reason for the show} & one of their overpriced pins. high school football heroes didn't show up so ASOB got bumped up to the 2nd band playing. they were awesome, as always. then scattered played & i fell asleep on mike. after them, was the skeptics<333. the first song they dressed up as andrew W.K. which was hiliarious. they played ode to dan which made me smile because i'd never seen it live. that might have been the song where i got pushed over onto the stage, though. afterwards, i went to buy a skeptics patch from rob but he didn't have change for a dollar so he let me have it for free & i told him i'd find him a quarter & he told me to just to keep it & then he gave me another one. it was cute. he's adorable.

i think then maybe kicked in the head played. haha i don't remember. but when infamous jake came on, it was crazy. they played fast & at the end, there was an encore for them to play "third fight" again so they gave in & played it again.

during one of the bands, i was laying down next to the ASOB merch table & these people next to me including sean from ASOB were smoking some BAD weed & i had to get up & leave because it smelled so digusting. bleh.

when we were leaving, john realized that he lost his keys & he wouldn't be able to get into his house so tasha had to ask her mom's boyfriend if he could stay at her house. poor john. he lost a shitload of money this weekend too. anyways, mike brought tasha & john home then brought me home, but literally on the way there, i was falling asleep every 10 seconds & i must have looked so funny. in fact, i think mike noticed that my mouth was like hanging open. haha good times. i got home around 1:15am or so, talked to my mom about my weekend, & went to bed.

THE ROCKET SUMMER - TOMORROW. FREE SHOW AT THE HAWK'S NEST. hooraaaay. amanda & tasha are coming, too. :D

november 1st - farmingdale, NY - SKAlloween: ASOB as radiohead, other bands, & a guy named jay tea as ANI DIFRANCO! haha hooray.

november 7th - hamden, CT - the flaming tsunamis, folly, grover dill, the prize fight

november 15th - ANI FUCKING DIFRANCO, PEOPLE. <3

alright if you read all this, i love you so much, it's unimaginable. <3333

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you would kill for this. [22 Oct 2003|11:02pm]
[ mood | YAWN :P ]

today was a good & bad day. spanish sucked because i failed the quiz i took yesterday. that wasn't my fault though. oh well. alex wore a man's g-string to school & got suspended for it. pathetic, IT'S JUST UNDERWEAR. valley SUCKS. civics wasn't great either because alex & my project wasn't that wonderful, adam & i cheated on a test & i actually felt BAD, & we watched the end of a movie. <-- that's bad because i missed the first half & had NO idea what was going on. oh well. it was a nice waste of class time. psych was alright but amanda & i were stressed out with our guidebook & matt didn't even acknowledge me. whatever, that's fine. but then why does he ask me to call him at night? answer me that.

after school, my dad stopped by & paid $100 for my braces payment. before he left, my aunt laurie came home with my cousin's daughter, lily, who has a severe ear infection & possible pneumonia because my cousin doesn't pay attention to it? god, the poor child was WHEEZING & coughing. how dumb are you? bleh. that's not cool. anyways, amanda also had kyle over. so when mike finally got here, i had to introduce him to a crapload of people. but yeah, he was fine with it. maybe it's just me who hates meeting lots of people all at once.

so mike & i went to walmart to buy me candy for my biology project. it was loads of fun & only cost 4 bucks so that was cool. we went home & mike is amazing so he helped me do the entire thing. {i had to make a 3D cell model with 15 parts or so. i used cake & candy. yummmm.} there's lots of candy left over if you want some. haha i seriously am so thankful mike helped me with that because i'm so slow with projects. honestly.

so would you like to hear about my plan for the weekend? i know you would. mike picks me up on friday, we meet up with people in middletown, we go to the show in durham, go to denny's, all go back to mike's {that's him, me, tasha, john, jessay, & abby #2.} then saturday morning, we all go to the hangar at 2ish & meet up with people & get tickets for the infamous jake CD release show. then weeee go to the show, & then mike brings people home. haha awesome, i'd say.

the rocket summer - MONDAY
ani difranco - 24 days

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i am bottled fizzy water & you are shaking me up. [19 Oct 2003|03:08am]
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i had a nice day. i woke up at 1ish & did nothing. the family party was good. i <3 my cousins. i hate watching them all grow up.

we left at seven, picked up kyle & kevin, & when we got to lake compounce at 9ish, they said the earliest time we could go through the graveyard was midnight so it took us 10 minutes or so to decide whether we wanted to stay for that long & go on rides. finally, we decided we were going to.

i was wearing my asob shirt, my jessye sweater, & a sweatshirt over that & i was still cold. kevin was wearing a t-shirt & this fuzzy jacket & he actually took it off so i would be warm. the entire night he stayed warm in a t-shirt. he's insane. but i love him for taking such good care of me. & for ignoring my dorkiness.

we went on some rides, had dippin dots<3 & cotton candy, then got in line for the graveyard. the line wasn't long & we got in & it was funnn. kevin told one of the girl actresses to call him & she flipped him off. i told one of guys i loved him & he winked at me. haha also one guy growled at me so i growled back & he laughed. :D i love those people. OH while we were in line for this ride/game called ghost hunt, there was monster on stilts so he was really tall & scared all these kids. it was hilarious. i wanted to talk to him but he was gone by the time we were through with the ride. his name was craig, though. :P

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i swear to god, i can't feel my toes. <3

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infamous jake {w/ the skeptics} - 6 days
the rocket summer {w/ greg wood} - 8 days
ani difranco - 26 days

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maybe some things will never change. [17 Oct 2003|10:06pm]
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i feel like i'm back in middle school. but really.

so again, i'm single. matt's still in love with jes so he's not ready to be with anyone. although he very well flirts with two of my friends in front of me. {this occuring at the football game i just returned from.} it pissed off lauren more than me though. she was mad at that, then danielle went with geoff to get high & lauren couldn't find her so she was freaking out. d-r-a-m-a. i swear to god. but yeah, my cousin clay showed up to see who was there & my mom ended up bringing him home because it was raining & freezing so i didn't want him walking home. chris/tanner had to though. poor kid. {by the way, lauren knows some hot, HOT boys. droool. haha} anyways, we found, ahem, baked danielle & it was all good. lauren was still pissed though.

a lot of people that i used to be friends with were there. ben scholfield, ryan connolly, & erik judkins. oh & TONY. he's still an asshole to me. bleh. matson couldn't go tonight, he had to work. he's a dishwasher. :P

yesterday, the skeptics<3 were on WBTY - the bentley college radio station. i was listening to them online playing live & then i asked the online request guy if he could get rob to play "burn your script" & he did. but rob broke a guitar string during it. haha then i called in, got to talk to tony on the air for a few minutes, & got a free t-shirt. good times. those boys are amazing.

i think that's all. if there's anything else, i'll tell you eventually. by the way, i hate braces. & the cold. & i hate that i stayed up just to watch the red sox lose.

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TOMORROW - family party for my cousin, aunt, & uncle's birthdays, THEN hanging out with the kevster. movies? haunted graveyard? we'll see. <3

infamous jake {w/ the skeptics<3}- 8 days
the rocket summer - 10 days
ani difranco - 28 days

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the hours pass by like minutes when i'm with you. [15 Oct 2003|09:12pm]
[ mood | sleepy - when aren't i? ]

things are better, i think. i wrote ryan a letter. don't know him? well you should. he's from new mexico. & he's awesome. i love him dearly. :D i wrote him the letter because i burned him a copy of the skeptics CD that i listen to more than needed. it's amazing, i swear. which reminds meee, pearl st. in ten days.

ryzen's birthday is in a week. he's turning 18. hoorayyy. {yep, i'm pretending we're still friends. don't tell.} i talked to him the other day. one of those let's-catch-up conversations. extremely dull & it makes me miss the school nights we would stay up late talking & i wouldn't wake up on time for school because of it. i really pissed my dad off by calling him every other morning making him bring me in late. hah.

mike & i talked. he's fine. i'm glad. hopefully i'm still going with him & tasha<3 to northampton on the 25th. i think the plan is to go to the hangar & see everyone & that would make my week.

i went on a field trip today. after cheating on a spanish test with zack first block. the field trip was stupid & i was about to kill certain people on my bus singing obnoxious songs on the way to hartford & back. thankfully, i had the skeptics & infamous jake in my CD player to keep me company. haha hooray for them. we went to the legislative building, the state supreme court, & the capital building. borrrring shit. in one of the rooms, the state's seal was on the carpet & it was disrespectful to step on it & i bet adam someone would. & they did. it was dumbass steven who likes to wrap his arm around me in the hallway & unwillingly, i allow him to.

i sound like an asshole today, don't i? i'm just PMSing. i've had my period for a few days now but i finally got cramps & i'm mad because i thought i would slip by without them. damn it.

the red sox won 9-6 against the yankees tonight. good times. since when am i into sports, you ask? haha ask matt. he got me started. oh well, i enjoy it enough.

i should go because i'm tired & i've got psychology homework to do, of course. i love you all. <3

infamous jake - 10 days
rocket summer - 12 days
ani difranco - 31 days {an exact month :D}

p.s. last night, my mom came into my room and decided that my eyes look bloodshot {i was tired} & assumed i was smoking pot. so i called her crazy & she left. five minutes later, she comes back & says "i'm so sorry, i just woke up & saw your eyes & i don't know why the hell that thought came into my head because i know you wouldn't do that". haha oh man, it was silly.

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